Movie Character Analysis: Watchmen

This will be my last post for at least 12 days – as I am going away alone without contact with no one else but myself in a far away place. This isn’t exagerrated at all.

As my good friend Bad Eyes McBlind of Comicgasm already made an an EXCELLENT 6/5 STARS movie review for Watchmen, in my love for the movie I want to do something different, something serious which is a brief character analysis of this Alan Moore classic. Just a disclaimer – I only watched the movie and did not read the novel. Will do soon enough though.

This analysis has one aim: to illustrate humanness in the Watchmen. The cool thing about the Watchmen is that they may be superheroes but they are different from the usual superhero we know. They have weaknesses, differences in beliefs and like how reality should be, a few dead people when they are pissed. Here we go:


The Comedian (Edward Blake)

As a man who has given away ideals and principles and reserved to himself that only the pleasure of the self is important. He is savage – but only because he believes that people are inwardly savage in nature. He knew in first trying to seduce the original Silk Spectre that she would succumb – because this is the sexual nature of a woman. If anything, Blake proves that human beings are innately good and not evil. Why do I say that? Because his crybaby behavior to his arch-nemesis proves that he was just a nice guy trying to be an asshole. Perhaps he believed that denying the evil in himself would have made him unhappy – but same goes for denying the good in him. While he may be called the Comedian, ironically he’s the saddest character in the movie.

dr-manhattanDr. Manhattan (John Osterman)

Contemporary Theologians should get a bang out of this guy. John is the most powerful being in the story – in a sense he is a God. We have always questioned as part of any religious sect “Why is there suffering in the world?” John in the story, would say “Well what would you have me do?” His actions in the story show us that maybe even God awes at the complexity of us mortal beings. That, there may be something in our nature and current situation that there is not one solution to all our problems. Also, that as human beings we tend to blame God – we blame the most powerful entity alive for our current situation and yet we are unwilling to hear him out. His relationship with the Silk Spectre showed this – as she always felt that John was distant from her, she lets her emotions get in the way of what is true. Truth, that only God can give us in the end. (And it was shown to her in the end lol)

niteowlfullNite Owl (Dan Dreiberg)

In one word he is this: a nice guy. Nice guys are made up of a few things – a fortunate life that makes him very trusting and optimistic to the world, a sense of duty that drives them and the inability to become intimate with people and especially women. It was funny to see him not get a hard on in his scene with the Silk Spectre – because this is damn true for guys like him. But when he finally let go of his fears and became alive by becoming free, no longer “hidden in plain sight” as Rorschach  told him, he screwed the living hell out of Silk Spectre. The culmination of every nice guy is always in letting go of oneself, becoming oneself and truly having a passion and a reason for what he does – which of course, happens at the end.

ozymandiasOzymandias (Adrian Veidt)

He is the ultimate epitome of a utilitarian. This means that he believes in the greatest happiness principle – for as long as the most number of people are happy, then it must be good. This is very similar to the way businessmen think – minimize cost, maximize profit. For this value, he then is willing to kill a few to save a thousand – in the case of the movie a few million to save a billion. He isn’t exactly a hero nor a villain nor does he try to be any of the two – he just does! Interestingly enough, he lives up to his name by the title “smartest man alive” as it is his will that pulls through in the end. This is probably a display of our current reality as well – that the elite’s will is ultimately the last say.

silk-spectreSilk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk)

Ah a woman – figures she is the hardest to do an analysis on! In every modern woman’s psyche, there is a need for both types of men – the asshole and the nice guy. Laurie’s mom gets the asshole and she learns from this experience and thus Laurie looks for nice guys. She discovers however, than men governed by logic and moral duty rather than their carnal desires leave her an empty spot. As she had John, she felt something empty. But alas, when Dan the Nite Owl becomes a man she receives what every woman is looking for – a blend of passion and  principle. Sorry feminists for this analysis, I am a man after all. :p And oh yeah, she’s HAWT!

rorschachRorschach (Walter Kovacs)

Ah the best for last – my favorite character! If my philosophy of ethics professor made me watch this movie and asked me “who is the hero?” and my grade depended on it, I would pick Rorschachand argue for him like hell. Unlike the other characters, his line of action is always based upon an inner law that me made for himself. Like he said, “No compromise” and those two words are the most heroic words I have ever heard in any movie, in any comic, anywhere. He built this law from experience of the dead 6 year old kid and defended it fearlessly and without regret till the end – and he was killed because he would not compromise. He demonstrates that heroism isn’t about what circumstance decides for you – it’s what you decide for circumstance.

Lemme end this entire thing by quoting him!

“You have to understand, I’m not stuck here with you guys, you guys are stuck here with ME!”

Watch the movie and you guys will understand. My rating for it? A stupendous 9.999991 / 10. I’d call it as the Matrix of this year – only better.

7 Responses to “Movie Character Analysis: Watchmen”

  1. Yoh! Haven’t been here for awhile. And must I say this is pretty interesting. I agree with you that Rorschach is definitely a favorite here. “Never Comprise” was the line I think. He is a man who stood up for what he believed in and set up the own good that he believes in regardless of what other people tell him to.

  2. Fiel John Meria Says:

    YEP. And why does this article STILL garner the most views for me??? LOL

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